Maternity Home

You and your unborn child have not sought us out by accident

H.I.S. Restoration Ministry (HISRM) believes you and your unborn child may have been sent to our ministry for a specific purpose, time, and season. Considering this, we welcome homeless pregnant women into our program, as a guest staying at our Maternity Home, while they await the birth of their baby. We desire that this would be a time of peace and restoration for our guest. The Maternity Home is one component of HISRM and a ministry. We pray for the arrival of each woman and consider it a great honor to minister to them and their unborn child during their temporary stay.


All applicants may not be suited for the restricted and limited space environment. Applicants must share living quarters and the Maternity Home can only admit one or two women at any given time. Applicants who apply and are accepted for a temporary placement will live for three (3) to six (6) months at the Maternity Home before and after the delivery of their baby. Therefore, the homeless criteria is only one criteria for admission to our Maternity Home.

HISRM Maternity Home will not accept applicants with situations resulting from:

a. drug abuse (drug testing is required),
b. domestic violence (a protection order is required),
c. with children (due to zoning), and
d. will reserve the right to reject applicants at will.

Referrals for women with these circumstances may best be accommodated at other area facilities equipped to handle the above situations.

It may also be determined after initial screening that applicants and/ or inquiries from the Saginaw area may best be served through a referral to a Maternity Home shelter/rescue facilities in other Michigan locations to promote the most successful outcomes for lifestyle changes.

Application Process

  1. Phase I - Application and Screening - Applicants may secure an application packet online or by calling or visiting the Ministry Offices.
  2. Phase II - In-Person Interview - Once the application packet and required attachments are completed and submitted for review, a personal intake interview will be scheduled for consideration. Applicants will not be admitted without a screening period and probationary period due to the possible length of stay at the shelter.
  3. Phase III - Three/Five Day Probation and Orientation to HIS Restoration Ministries - Maternity Home - If and when an application is initially approved, the applicant must go through a three(3) to five (5) day comprehensive orientation to the program, which begins the initial probationary phase. The applicant must pass this process in order to be admitted to the Home to begin the 30-day probationary phase upon a signed agreement to adhere to the Home Rules.
  4. Phase IV - 30-Day Probation / Needs Assessment - If and when the applicant passes the evaluation of the three to five day comprehensive orientation and initial probationary phase, the applicant will be allowed temporary admission for the 30-day probationary period. During the 30-day probationary phase, the applicant has signed and agreed to follow the Maternity Home rules subject to immediate expulsion [within a supervised three hour period]. The guest will undergo comprehensive needs assessment utilizing the Intake Interview information. The needs assessment will begin to structure and customize the guest's program for the three to six month stay. The Administrative Staff will work in collaboration with the Department of Human Services [DHS] and align with established goals for an action plan. The housing allowance percentage will be negotiated with DHS as appropriate.

Program Structure

The program at HISRM Maternity Home is very structured to help young women become more disciplined in every area of their lives. However, if young ladies have a sincere desire for help and change, they can make all adjustments necessary and fit right in within a few days. The staff and other guest will help in any way possible to make the transition into the program. However, it is a "No Tolerance" environment. At HISRM Maternity Home young ladies have many opportunities to grow in the area of friendships, communication and learning to love and serve others. This initial phase allows applicants a period of time to make their decision about coming to and temporarily staying at HISRM Maternity Home. There are Maternity Home rules that guests must follow and program activities to attend.

1. The guest will complete an autobiographical story of what circumstances have led them to the homeless situation they find themselves in at this time.

2. The guest will develop a three to six month action plan to outline what steps she will realistically take to sustain a living condition for her and her baby which will include GED completion, and gainful employment.

3. The guest will agree to attend recommended church services.

4. The guest will agree to participate in morning and evening prayer and reflection and attend a daily Bible Study. The purpose is to seriously consider allowing God to change their lives.

5. The guest will agree to participate in a community living environment and all it entails and a daily community meal with other guest staying at the Shelter.

6. All money will be kept in the Office in a lock box. This is to maintain protection and safety of guest funds. Guest will have accesss to funds as appropriate. A percentage may be allocated for housing.

7. Guest will not be allowed to develop romances or date during their stay in the program. All visitors and visits must be approved in advance by the Executive and Assistant Executive Directors. A listing of family members will be verified during the intial application process. All other visitors must submit to and pass a backround check.

8. Cell phones will be maintained in the Staff Office in a lock box. During the initial three/five day probation period, phone calls will not be allowed unless an emergency is determined. Messages will be taken at the Office phone.

9. Computers will not be allowed during the initial probationary phase. During this phase, Facebook contacts and/or incident feedback will not be allowed. Computer use will be confined to the common areas during allowed time periods.

10. Guest will be asked not to communicate and/or correspond with individuals who have proven to be a negative influence, or are connected with past problems.

11. NO smoking is permitted in the program and premises.

12. Necessary shopping must be conducted prior to this phases. If shopping is necessary it will be conducted with a staff member.

13. Guest are not allowed to have personal cars, motorbikes, pets, bicycles, weapons, record/CD players, radios/MP3 Players, and/or televisions.